Off Duty

Pilot for CBS

With Eileen Brennan and Tony LoBianco.
A watering hole for San Francisco police officers, including a budding author.

Double Dare

Double-Dare-InsetPilot for a Warner Brothers television series

Starring Billy Dee Williams and Ken Wahl.

Crime and intrigue in Seattle.

Mothers Back


A 10 year old boy makes a bet with God. Seven years later, his father and brother now gone, the interest on the bet is tallied.


The Girl Who Was the Sun


A semi-finalist in the 2013 Eugene O’Neill Conference. A love story and a colorful re-imagined history of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti as a damaged war orphan with an injury that has given her a vision of a better world. This vision is of a new city, a revolution in art, and the abandonment of war as a policy of governing. She and Pharaoh Akhenaten, in the 17 years of their reign, also create the first monotheism in the western world – the worship of the sun.

The famous bust of Nefertiti was discovered in the tomb of King Tut early in the 20th century. The play’s conclusion seeks to answer the mystery of how Nefertiti’s likeness got to that tomb, and why.

A French edition of this play, translation by Peter Brown, will be available in 2015


Scarecrow, Stage Adaptation


Adaptation of the film script by Noah Segan and Shiloh Fernandez.

Overseen by Mr. White, the stage play reincorporates elements of the original screenplay that were shot but edited from the released film.

The Beast on the Roof


Luke Ralston, a hard scrabbled boy, has climbed the hard way into middle class affluence, with a wife and daughter he loves. But he has a character flaw which causes his wife to throw him out of his home. Luke falls down the rabbit hole of American society, carrying him away from the world he knows into the underbelly of contemporary life, and finally into the woods of the Great Lakes where he becomes a man with a new life.

In her own evolution, his wife Linda struggles to find the potential in the happy person she once was, and their daughter, Lucinda, comes to terms with what is becoming of both her parents. The teenager knows something has been left unfinished. With impressive boldness she hires, and joins forces with, a private detective, to find her missing father. The novel’s conclusion brings a cathartic emotional and physical upheaval.

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